I started Podcasting in 2004. At that time there were fewer than 100 Podcasts listed on various aggregation sites that hosted these obscure audio programs. In most cases they were produced by non-professionals. Today the term Podcast and their availability are for the most part ubiquitous. The same holds true for Videos distributed on the internet. Both forms of media are now part of our every day lives – just like Radio, Tv, and Cinema.

I was thrilled when the CALM Act was signed into law. Mandatory Loudness Compliance in broadcasting was long overdue. As broadcast facilities across the globe rapidly recognize and implement Loudness Standardization, the public at large will be rewarded with a much more satisfying listening experience.

Since 2006 I’ve been an advocate of Loudness Standardization for audio and/or video distributed on the Internet as Podcasts and Videocasts. Distributed audio in general is often difficult to listen to on mobile devices in less than ideal ambient environments such as subways, autos, airplanes, etc. Compromised intelligibility is due to insufficient (device) gain and wide audio dynamics.

I frequently analyze well produced Podcasts and Videos. I have determined distributed audio will often vary on a per-program basis by as much as 12 LU in Program (average) Loudness. Clipped audio is also commonplace. I’ve also discovered that it is quite common for content distribution networks to publish programs that lack perceptual Loudness consistency (per program basis) due to the absence of an inclusive Loudness Standard. Needless to say some form of standardization for Internet/Mobile audio is necessary.

For any initiative to succeed, content creators need to be proactive. They must learn how to produce compliant audio by following the revised guidelines that are optimized for Internet and Mobile audio distribution.

My objective for this site is to build a useful resource for anyone interested in producing reference standard media for the Web. I’ll share my thoughts and insights on Podcasting, Webcasting, Screencasting, and Broadcasting. I will also focus on various aspects of Loudness Compliance for Internet and Mobile Audio Distribution.

Paul Figgiani

I am an independent audio producer/engineer with extensive experience producing Podcast Audio since 2004. I was the Senior Audio Engineer at IT Conversations from 2004-2012. I am the founder of this site and sole author of all published content.

Currently I provide media post production services and consulting for a select group of clients.